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Documentation system

effcient and easy documentation management and archive of e-documents

Documentation system

Documentation system

The purpose

Pro.4 Documentation system is and efficient and easy-to-use software solution for online document management. It containes capturing and converting of physical documents into electronic form, saving various documents that are already in electronic form and control over e-documents. It is made in a way to satisfy the need for e-archive, with the highest security standards. Pro.4 Documentation system can be integrated with any other ERP or IT system.

The use

Pro.4 Documentation system allows us to transform all incoming documents and store them in the e-document. It can be used as e-archive as well. It contains possiblity to attach files to other modules, you can browse files with various filters and you can use codelists as well. After implementing Pro.4 Documentation system to your company, you will ask yourself, how did you manage to work without it. 


Ana Kuk
Head of sales department
tel: 03 757 39 06

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